Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Separation of Church & State.

Separation of Church and State, a statement that seems to make sense. We have all seen what happens to countries that involve Religion into their Politics. And yet we seem "Hell Bent" on repeating those mistakes.

I cannot imagine that I am the only one who see's a tremendous shift in American's feelings swinging towards the Religious Rights view that the Church should be fully involved in the running of the country.

Will we become a country like Iran, and a bunch of other screwed up countries, run by fanatical religious rulers? (Like our Religious Right.) Or will the sane amoung us prevail and keep the two separate?

At first the answer seems obvious, but if we look back over our history we can see an American prediliction to extreme swings, excesses, changes that no one could have predicted. I refer to things like, McCarthyism and Prohibition, not to mention, Fat, Guns, Wealth and Blacks sit in the back. All excesses and extremes that have no place in a balanced society.

I predict another wild swing in America's long list of swings, to the "Religious Right", (Who I am not afraid to say - although I should be afraid to say it - will take over and destroy the American Way of Life.) and bring us to ur knees, a la Iranian politics, where the people with the most extreme views hold the most power.

Just what is happening here! The more extreme you are in your views the more popular you are!

What is it with Americans?

A couple more extremes in America that I'd like to mention:-

America is the only Industrialized country in the world without a National Health Care System for its citizens.

Perhaps related to that fact is the fact that that Child Abuse in America is the worst of all the Industrialized Nations! With child deaths from abuse and neglect 3 times that of Canada and Europe. Texas has the worst record - by far.

Health Care costs in the USA are a least double, and often many times more, than any other civilized country. (And not necessarily better either.)

Gun deaths. By civilized countries we are pretty much "top" about 50 times as many as the UK for example.

Fat, hey we are not the fattest country! But we are just behind those island nations like Tonga where it is tradition to be as fat as possible. So except for them we are the fattest.

Wealth. Is it necessary to tell you that we have the most extreme differences in wealth? Income gap is higher here than anywhere.

America, Land of Extremes and Excesses. And about the become Extremely Ruled by Religion?

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