Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just another day in Heaven.

Well here it is - Paradise, otherwise known as The Lake.

The day began as another perfectly clear day On The Lake with the sun painting the trees their magical, ethereal colors as it worked its way across them, almost like an artist painting a picture, except a thousand times more beautiful.

Then came the breeze to ruffle the water, and the leaves, and the air. Gradually it changed to a strong wind, moving the grass and the trees and a lawn chair; and kicking up the waves. In fact the wind was so strong that it pushed the water from the Bay into The Lake, raising the level at least a foot. The wind seems to make everything cleaner somehow doesn't it? Just like a heavy rain.

Then came the Coup-De-Gras - another perfect sunset.

It's just like Heaven living here - without the trouble and expense of dying.

I just don't understand why we don't get any visitors, I shower, I shave, I use deodorant, I even try to be nice to people, I'd love to share, but something keeps everyone away, it can't be Julia, so it must be me.

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