Monday, October 31, 2011

Nature Paints a Picture.

The view from here today is breathtaking - no I am not referring to my view of Julia, which of course is always thrilling and exciting - instead I allude to the view from our Window on The Lake, which is now at it's most amazing. The colors are as bright as any in nature, surely it would be impossible for even a Michelangelo to capture and do justice to this scene? And here it is, laid out before me to enjoy for free.

Wait, let's not get too carried away now, Anne Arundel County does of course impose a heavy penalty for living in the Land of the FREE and the Brave, a penalty known as Property Taxes which they are glad to collect from us at the rate of about $150 a week, or about three times as much as we spend for food, four times as much as we spend on road tax, insurance and gas for our car, but less than one quarter of what we spend on our mortgage. I'm not sure if it is a bargain or not, but I certainly can no more imagine living without my view of The Lake than I could of not enjoying my daily dose of inhaling the beauty of Julia.

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