Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill said that America will always do the right thing - after they have first exhausted all other possibilities.

I guess the question is, have we exhausted all other possibilities yet? It would certainly seem that we must be getting close, how many other things are there left for us to do before we 'do the right thing' - whatever that may be.

The alternative may be collapse. That is what seems to happen to things when they build up too much.

Take The Mighty Roman Empire, few know that it collapsed, not over centuries, but over one or two decades. The Ming Dynasty in China, built up over centuries fell in a single decade. The Incas were masters of all they surveyed in 1520, by 1530 they were all gone, destroyed by Spaniards, gunpowder and disease.

Closer to home and our time, in case you think those things happened a long time ago and can't happen now, how about the Soviet Union - was that sudden enough for you? What about the dictatorships of North Africa? Ali, Mubarick, Ghadaffi, here today with their fortunes and palaces, gone tomorrow.

Is the European economy about to collapse? And if it does, can ours be far behind? The history of collapses shows them to be sudden, not slow declines as you might think. Sudden and complete.

Oh, did I forget to mention that ALL of those collapses that I mentioned, as well as all the others over the centuries, were all the result of GREED. (You can check in with Wall Street, Bankers, Goldman Sachs et al on the meaning of GREED.)

Beware. And be ready. If you can!

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