Thursday, January 5, 2012

First snow of the season.

Here we are in January and we have just had our first snowfall, not only of 2012 but of the season. Except of course for the "Snow" of October the 30th last year - the worst October snowfall on record - which just missed us. We had a few small flurries, nothing that laid, but everywhere north of us got hammered. I think in New England they got something like 30 inches. Even Philadelphia got 6" or so and New York got a foot or something.

Last night we got a scant 1/4 inch, or less, probably less. I might not have even noticed it except that I was driving home from a Networking meeting in Bethesda at 10 o'clock last night and it was "snowing" all the way home. Well not really snowing, just flurrying. But it was right at 32 degrees and the bridges were icy, I skidded a couple of times crossing some bridges and saw two accidents. It got heavier as I approached home, but was still very light.

This morning I might have forgotten about it and thought there had been a heavy frost had I not been out in it. But what made it really noticeable was The Lake, which was covered with snow. You see, the night before we had our first cold night of the season when it went down to 17 degrees here, and The Lake froze. It was almost completely frozen over except for a couple of small areas that did not close in.

Of course when The Lake is snow covered things really look like winter. And sure enough it is winter. The temperature is still right at freezing and the bewildered birds are sitting out on the snow and ice covered Lake.

And to think that I only just picked the last of my lettuce on Tuesday! Lettuce in January. Amazing. The last of the sweet potatoes I had dug the day before that.

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