Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reduce/increase spending, taxes.

I see now that we have withdrawn our troops from Iraq and are reducing our troops in Afghanistan that President Obama has proposed reducing military spending. Seems reasonable to me. As we are no longer at war, except for the one in Afghanistan that is being drawn down, it would seem reasonable that we don't need such a large military budget. Usually when you finish a war you are going to be spending less on war! When World War two ended, we spent less on war.

But no, immediately that he made the proposal the Republicans objected! They objected to us spending LESS money! For months now they have been up in arms about spending less. When Obama says we will spend less they object. I noticed that they objected to him spending more too. They also objected to him raising taxes (Which he has NOT done, not ONCE since coming into office.) But the Republicans objected anyway. They also objected when he wanted to CUT taxes!

So what does that mean to you? They object to the President increasing OR decreasing spending. They object to the President increasing OR decreasing taxes.

What does it mean? It is a mystery to be sure.

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