Monday, January 16, 2012


Yes siree, it is cold today, 25 degrees at 7.00am and The Lake is almost frozen over. I got the fire going, let the chickens out - they just shook their feathers out and got on with their business, whatever that is, I guess clearing up any bugs, insects and wayward seeds laying around in their pen.

Muffey the cat went out for a brief walk, but was soon back, scratching at the door to be let back in. By this time the fire was well under way, my coffee almost finished, the cat's food was down and the paper was in. The sun was also well up, but the temperature was still down. Eight o'clock and it is still a mean 26 degrees!

OK, I have checked my e-mails, sent some answers, shaved, showered and dressed and it is almost 9.00 and still only 27 degrees. But the sun is well up and the sky a nice bright shade of blue, I am hopeful that it will soon warm up. At least there is no sign of rain or snow.

My Grandson Bradley and I built a walkway out of composite "Wood" on Saturday on one of the coldest windiest days of the year. It was surprisingly successful. I have to go out, probably today, to pick up a couple more pieces of wood to finish it. He will be back on Wednesday to help me wrap up yet another project, on this new, still unfinished, house. But I am not going to go into that today, you will doubtless be glad to hear!

The walkway, which goes from our driveway to the bottom of the steps that go up to our front door, a distance of 22 feet, replaces a "Crazy Paving Walkway", that while attractive, was also a hazard. The stone walkway was uneven, so that I was always afraid that our increasingly elderly friends were going to fall. Being stone, there was also the danger of it being slippery in the presence of rain, snow or ice. We had planted a few sprigs of Thyme in the gaps between the stones, this had thrived and almost half of the path was now covered in the Thyme.

I think the new path/walkway will be a success. Bradley says he will set the stones, which he pulled up prior to our work, alongside the driveway as a way of separating the drive from the lawn and also giving me a hard surface to walk on when going to the mailbox. I would have liked to have continued the composite walkway all the way to the mailbox, but at some 75 feet further that will have to wait for a lottery win, the death of some, as yet unknown rich uncle, some other windfall or a better job offer.

Well time to move on, it looks like it is going to be a cold day for sure.

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