Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cutting Taxes On The Rich.

We have a huge National Debt. This is due in part because of tax cuts to the wealthy and to two wars, that were not paid for.

A Trillion Dollar war, with no provision to pay for it. (For those who don't know, when you go to war you raise taxes on everyone to pay for it. That is how it should be, everyone should feel the hurt, not just our children who get maimed and killed.)

A Trillion Dollars a year in tax cuts for the rich - at the same time as we go to war!! (Yes we are a rich country, but not that rich!)

Result a bigger National Debt, which is ongoing because the Republicans - George W Bush in particular - left us a legacy of two unfunded wars and a huge tax cut for those who least need it!

The wealthy can take care of themselves - isn't that pretty obvious? Duh! That is how and why they got rich, because they are able to take care of themselves. They don't need any help from us - and yet we INSIST on trying to get their taxes cut, again and again!! How dumb is that? Here we have one of the two strongest political parties (do I need to say the Republican Party?) using all their effort and influence to cut taxes to the wealthy! They seem to have no interest in anything else. They barely mention the deficit, the illegal immigrants, our crumbling roads and bridges, lack of health insurance and care for our citizens, even the "missing" birth certificate is hardly mentioned any more! No, they are instead concentrating all their efforts on reducing taxes for the wealthy. And even more amazingly, 50% of the population goes along with this! People who have been ruined by mortgage scams after credit default swaps disgrace, after hedge fund outrage, after - well you name it - and they still want to give these criminals even bigger tax cuts! (Most of whom already pay tax at a rate of HALF what the average American pays!)

Who can figure?

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