Monday, March 26, 2012

A Surprise!

Apparently it turns out that Marylanders are NOT the highest taxed in the country! According to the Council on State Taxation, in a report on State and local business taxes across the nation, done last summer on property, sales, excise, gross receipt, corporate income, franchise and unemployment insurance taxes as a percentage of gross state product. Maryland's stood at 3.7 percent of GSP. The National Average is 5.0.

Who ever would have thunk?

We, Maryland, also has the highest percentage of our citizens who are Millionaires! In 2011 Phoenix Global Wealth ranked Maryland number one in the Nation showing that 7.22% of Maryland households are Millionaires! (The calculation does not include home values or retirement accounts.)

So, as Dan says, "Don't be so cranky. Life here is better than you think. Sit on your deck, have a brandy, pet your hounds, and light up a cigar."

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