Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where have all the fish gone?

First I have to tell you that The Lake is as beautiful as ever. When I wake up every morning and look at that lovely lake I find it hard to believe my good fortune, not only am I married to the most beautiful woman in the world but I live next to this wonder of nature. However there is a change, and that change involves the wildlife. Normally The Lake is teaming with wildlife. At times I have seen 50 or more Cormorants fishing here. In the early spring this year there was a small batch of them - about 13, I counted them - that stayed for a few days. Since then I have spotted the odd one swimming around. The Osprey were so numerous at times that I worried (I always have to have something to worry about!) that they would remove ALL the fish here! But this year I have only seen one Osprey, and that only every few days, and even he - she? - hovers, but does not dive. I have yet to see a catch by an Osprey this year. Usually one can stop and watch for just a short time and see as many as 4 or 5 or 6 Osprey all fishing at once. One of them is hovering and diving at any time and every couple of dives seemed to produce a fish. This year nothing. Early in the year, much earlier than usual, the yellow perch and the white perch were here. I know because I was catching them. Now no fish at all. I can't even catch a lowly Sunfish. What has happened?

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