Friday, May 11, 2012

Climate Change.

New evidence, or just coincidence? The average temperature for the whole US was the highest on record! And not by a little bit. When records are broken it is usually by tiny amounts, maybe a tenth or at most a few tenths of a degree for example. But in this case, to use words that are used way to often, it was smashed! The temperature over the last 12 months was 2.8 degrees above average. For Maryland it was even bigger. Maryland had a temperature over the last 12 months that was 4 degrees above the average. That is since records began in 1871, 142 years ago. To repeat 4 degrees higher than the average! So, we have had higher than average temperatures for 15 straight months now. This led to a "Winter" with only 1.8 inches of snow! Total for the whole winter! Rainfall continues below average. Groundwater and streams are below average. Parts of Maryland are under drought watch. We`are 5 inches below normal for rainfall so far this year - and that is during the wettest part of the year, and only 4 months into the year! I would think that we should be concerned. Instead of just saying, nothing is happening, it is normal, don't worry, etc. Sometimes action is needed. The scout motto of "be prepared" is a good one, but not one that the USA or the world seems to think applies here. Well let's hope they are right. Hope for rain and return to normal temperatures.

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