Friday, May 11, 2012

Confrontation or Compromise?

Well which sounds best to you? Confrontation or Compromise? Any person of normal intelligence and temperament would obviously say Compromise. But not the Republicans, it seems that any one of their Congressmen or Senators who is even slightly moderate or progressive is villified.

If anyone shows a willingness to find common ground they are treated as treacherous. Instead of reason, compromise and finding common ground, they are looking instead for even more partianship.

The more reasonable of the more and more extreme Republicans are being forced out - Olympia Snow and and Richard Lugar, as are the more moderate Democrats like Jim Webb and Evan Bayh. All replaced with more extreme and less open minded politicians.

How can we ever have any decisons made for the good of the country when Congress is full of people determined to stress Confrontation instead`of Compromise.

I see more paralysis in our future. (And I might add I blame it mostly on the Republicans who will not give an an inch on anything in spite of repeated attempts by the Democrats to try to meet and discuss.

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