Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Party or Country?

Let's see, Who could I possibly be thinking about? Partisanship ahead of Patriotism every time. Let me give you a couple more clues, if you need them! Extreme in the extreme, NO compromise, no attempt to comprehend the facts, scorns science. Got it yet? Of course you have.

There is NO attempt at compromise at all. Even George W Bush met with Ted Kennedy and met him halfway on education, And he met up with Harry Reid and Joe Biden to  fight AIDS, TB, Malaria and ignorance. Richard Lugar too!! And it happened. Not anymore. Richard Lugar was forced out because he was too ready to compromise. Too moderate. A big no no in todays Republican party.

Obama is ready to compromise, maybe too ready. He praises businessmen, and women, including Warren Buffet. He hosted Steve Job's widow. What do the Republicans do? They speak contemptuously of Liberals, of Unions, they call public schools factories, they mock community organisers, they demonize schools, Social Security and every other public enterprise including firefighters, police, libraries, family planning, health care, anything to help your neigbors ,you name it they hate it and would destroy it. They see compromise as evil.

But compromise is oil and is needed to keep the gears of progress turning. Without the oil of compromise we will seize up. The Republican Party seems to be determined that will happen.

What happened to the balance that we enjoyed for the last 100 years? Both parties could talk, they could discuss, come together, compromise, we were the same country, one people, we fought against tryanny and oppression together. Now the Republican Party and especially the Tea Party are determined to have no compromise, no discussions of any kind.
We need to vote out these our way or no way "politicians", these politicians who even give politicians a bad name! A government of compromise is the way to go. Certainly it is way ahead of no government as the Republicans seem to prefer.

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  1. David, my name is Kathleen McGee and you just "liked" one of my comments on the poll about Harry being right or wrong. I was drawn to look you up on fb and saw that you have this lovely blog. I'll be reading it and sharing with my friends. The writing is beautiful, spiritual and will be a joy to read as I listen to those horny, boy,teenage mockingbirds out our windows. They are relentless -- even fighting with their reflection on our windows.
    We're also retired and live the full-time RVing lifestyle. You can find me on facebook. If you would like, ask to be my "friend." -- sounds like we're in grade school, but then I like the way gradeschoolers come home and say they have a new best friend. "What's his name," I ask. "I don't know but he's my best friend." I really only use fb to feed my addiction to political gossip and news. Thank you for your essays. I plan to read more every day.


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