Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election Obituary.

Just a few "Highlights", or "Lowlights!" - depending on which persuasian you are.

One of the first of the facts that really hit me in the face was that Single Women went for The President over Romney by a margin of 38 ! Almost an unprecidented gap for any category !

Going to places that know Mr Romney, his home State of Michigan - where the trees are "Just the right Height" - was a Landslide for The President. Moving on to his other home State of Massachusetts, I guess you could call it a Double Landslide!

Moving on again, this time to Utah, which he did win, duh! But, George W Bush did better with Mormons than Romney did ! !

So, anywhere that the people really know him - the State that he was born in, the State that he was Governor of, and the home State of his Religion, it would appear that he is not that popular, to put it very mildly.

Just saying.

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