Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guns, again.

I know, I know, enough about guns already! But this is just in - well its been in for a long time - so lets just call it a reminder.

The rate of firearms related homicides in the USA is 20 TIMES that of the next 22 richest nations COMBINED!!!

And that is just the homicides, if you include suicides and accidents it is even worse!!

And it would be so easy to reduce it considerably if it were not for organisations like the NRA and the Republican Party. Just a tiny little bit of common sense would say, "Don't let Alcoholics, and Drug Users have guns. Or people under 21, hey they can't drink, but they can carry handguns around, is it just me or is that dumb? Also anyone convicted of a gun related or violent crime, (including domestic violence.) And lets ban Assault guns too." Hello, Duh, even blondes know that is Dumb!! But not Republicans and NRA members.

If you value your life and that of your family, friends and neighbors, banning ownership of guns by Alcoholics, (Including people convicted of drinking and driving.) Drug Users, people convicted of Gun Crimes or Violent Crimes and anyone under the age of 21, would probably cut gun deaths by AT LEAST 50% or MORE! All people in these groups have reduced ability to forsee the consequences of their actions.

Those changes, plus requiring stricter background checks and a requirement to report all gun sales would I think reduce gun deaths by as much as 80% or 90%. Surely worth doing? How can any intelligent American with even a modicom of common sense object to that? Wait, we are talking about NRA and Republicans. Forget it, no common sense in either of those camps!

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