Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Poetry Anyone?

I was thinking about poetry after writing my last Blog, about poetry.

And I thought I would do another little piece. That's the way this old mind works nowadays, in little pieces.

Nice to meet you,
I am Sarah Leigh,

Now you could continue in this fashion, like I did last time, just putting down stuff as it comes to you, or copying someone else's format, or making up your own format, use your own foibles, errors, successes, failures, wins, losses. Put them all down. Use your own shape or arrangement or the conventional ones whereby every other line, or every third line or every fourth line rhymes. Or how is this for an idea - put a rhyming word at the end of every line? You don't see that very often. Probably a reason for that? Maybe it would be boring? Or hard to do? Hey there's an advantage right there - it might have to be a short poem!

Let's see how many words rhyme with Sarah Leigh?
Well we might have to start the poem differently, instead of Nice to meet you, I am Sarah Leigh, how about Nice to meet ME, I am Sarah Leigh.? There are other words that rhyme - like see, sea, Bradley, Zachary, gee, lea, hee hee, honey hey there are lots!! So it shouldn't be too hard to write at least a short poem with a rhyming word at the end of each line. But would it be worth reading? Who cares? As long as you like it! It's yours, your poem. No one else has to like it, or even read it. No one reads my Blog, except me, so you can just do stuff for yourself.

Have fun,
Think of Mum,
Chew some gum,
Load your gun,
And shoot a bun,

See, hey don't be glum, have some fun, eat a plum, wipe your ***

Well enough of that!

Enjoy life kids, I did, friends are one of the most important things for a great life.

Love you.

David. (Grandy)

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