Saturday, December 1, 2012


What is it about poetry? Do we all like poetry, or just some us? If we like, are we different from those who don't like? Can we really not like poetry? Surely there must be some poetry for everyone. Poetry doesn't have to rhyme. It can just be words that sound nice, or nasty, or loving, or tell a story, or are just poetic. Whatever that is.

If you "Don't like Poetry", write your own. Just dig into your mind and find something. Dig deep, into the hidden corners, or the wide open spaces, some minds have lots of space! Some are cramped and closed. Some are full to bursting, but all have lots of stuff, pull some of that stuff out and put it into some words. Use your favorite words. Use words about people and things that you love, or hate.

If you "Are Not Creative." Read. Yes, read poetry. But also read stories. Stories that you like, but also ones that you don't like. And do things. Things that you like, and also things that you don't like. Go places, see places, experience things,

Then write about those stories and those experiences. Write about what you have seen and done, places you have been and things that you have experienced. The more you see and do, the more you are.

Then write about what you are.

Like : -

Nice to meet you,
I am David Arthur,
I like cats and dogs and words,
I am a fan of beautiful women and golden sunsets,
Coffee and newspapers and friends,
I have one daughter,
She surprises me every time I think of her,
Which is often,
She has four boys,
They like me to write on their arms, and their legs,
And their faces,
Mum always says - "He Was Fine When He Left Me!"

As you get older, you get more in there, in that mind, let some of it spill out. Tell the world about You. And about Them. That is Poetry. Who can not like some kind of poetry?

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