Friday, March 1, 2013


Hard as it may be to believe, horsemeat may actually be better for you to eat than beef! In America anyway. That is because meat in America is so contaminated by various chemicals and pathogens that 15% of Americans get sick from food carried pathogens. Compare that to Europe where less than .1% get sick from food borne illness - that is less than one tenth of one percent. To put it another way for every person who gets sick from food in Europe 1,000 get sick in the US! That is in spite of the recent scare about horsemeat contamination in burgers etc. In fact the food and safety checks in Europe are so far ahead of those in the US that it might as well be in a different country - oh it is! Or in a different century. In fact there is so little checking in the US that the horsemeat contamination would probably never have been picked up. It is to Europe's credit that it was discovered. But here in the US there might as well not be any checking. There is hardly any anyway, and the US Congress - the worlds most corrupt Congress - is constantly taking bribes to make less and less checks on food and to ignore any problems that are found.
For example, there have been videos made of animals being abused so horribly that most people would stop eating meat immediately. I have seen movies where cows who were so sick that they could not walk to the slaughter house and were pushed there with fork lifts - and not even gently. They could hardly walk, and in fact kept falling down, they were so sick. And not only from being sick, imagine trying to walk when you are standing in your own feces halfway up your legs!! True. And then we get to eat them, including the sick animals and the feces on them, although there is a halfhearted attempt to wash some of it off.
In Europe there is a law about the ethical treatment of animals. Here there is the treatment of animals, or anything else, for PROFIT. Virtually no consideration for anything other than PROFIT. They don't care how the animals are treated as long as they get more PROFIT. And that includes us - humans - we are fed sick animals, animals that eat anti-biotics, animals that are genetically engineered, animals that never see the light of day, that live in cages and pens that don't allow them to move. All in the name of PROFIT. Otherwise known as GREED.
Don't get me wrong, profit is good, but not to the exclusion of all else. To me humanity is important. But to Big Business it seems that humanity and the ethical treatment of animals comes right at the bottom of the list, with profit firmly at the top, above all else.
Just as Bankers put profit above all else including its customers and even the good of the country that has made them rich. You may have heard the story of the goose that laid golden eggs. Well that could be the story of the US Banking Industry, they would destroy the country that gives them such riches just to make even more money for a short time!
Just saying.

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