Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another lovely sunrise.

Yes, I was treated to another fabulous Sunrise this morning. Along with a bevy, nay a veritable battery, of beautiful birds. It seems that the few birds that have survived and remain in our horribly polluted environment cannot resist The Lake. They flock here by the dozens. Already today, I have seen a flock of Canada Geese, several Great Blue Herons, (What DO they eat when The Lake is frozen over?), a mess of Seagulls, is that the correct term? and a bunch of LBJ's - that stands for Little Brown Jobs, or in other words Unidentified Flying Birds, or UFB's. I do recognize some of them, the Blue Jays who are loud, bright and very, very busy, the Crows, big and boisterous, and the true LBJ's that look like Sparrows but aren't.

Well time for a second Cup of coffee I think and then to work.

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