Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.

I would like to wish all my friends a very Happy New Year. Lets hope that 2011 will be a better year all round for us all.

Especially, I wish for peace everywhere in the world. Is that asking too much?

Moving right along, could we also have good health, happiness and prosperity? Please.

This morning was, as usual on The Lake, another beautiful one. The air was calm, and warm. Very warm! I could not believe it when I looked out and saw a thick mist over The Lake. Then I checked the thermometer - 54 degrees! - at 7.00am. Unbelievable, it has been cold and windy for several weeks it seems. The Lake which has been frozen for weeks too, looked calm and wet. It has not completely thawed of course, just the surface, so there is a thin layer of water on top of the ice, which makes the surface so calm that it is like a mirror. It also rained a little in the night and that added to the water on top of the ice. The mist alternately appears and dissapears, with no apparent reason. There is no wind at all, not even a slight breeze. Mr & Mrs Heron appeared and glided over the silent scene, some ducks were diving for their breakfast around the edges of The Lake which has thawed, and out in the middle is a collection of Gulls apparently standing ON the water! A strange sight indeed.

Well I'm off to get some breakfast and to prepare to visit some dear friends, one at least who is in need of that earlier wish for better Health in the New Year.

If anyone out there is reading my Blog, would you mind leaving a comment? Just to let me know that I am not all alone out here! I try to post a variety of subjects here, although I know that The Lake features heavily. There is also my Fun With Figures Blogs, and even a little bit of Political comment - but I try to keep that to a minimum because unlike Europeans, Americans don't like their man/woman to be critisised at all! Even when he/she is wrong! Even when they KNOW their guy/gal is wrong, any criticism is tantamount to WAR on them personally! Come on folks, get with the program, ALL politicians are, as one good friend (Who I am going to nominate as an Honorary European) likes to say, are "Pileofshitens". A more apt description of AT LEAST 99% of politicians I cannot imagine.

Well, breakfast calls - and don't forget to leave a comment, please, pretty please. XXX

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  1. Good Morning David....Happy New Year & thank you for all the posts!!! I am here quite often reading your lovely descriptions of the lake and wildlife. I am one of those Americans that appreciate going to a blog for enjoyment and not political views (sorry...get enough "news" to spoil the day). Guess I come here to relax and to get away from it all,imagining what you are looking at and even envying you for all of the beauty you see don't feel alone here, you are providing a great service to your readers and for that, we love you!!


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