Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The Sunrise this morning was spectacular. With all the windows we have in our Home in Paradise it was impossible to miss.

The house is oriented to take advantage of the Sunset - thus Sunset Cottage. But the Sun, although coming up on the 'other' side of the Cottage nevertheless likes to makes its presence known. And it did so today "in spades". As I walked/stumbled through the house just before 7.00am towards my coffee pot, I could see Mr Sun (Mrs?) poking his/her nose through every window in the house. I took the time to get the coffee on, first things first, before going outside onto the deck to fill my senses. Stretching from the North East to the South East was a Sunrise to rival any Sunset, but it didn't end there, no, it continued around the entire 360 degrees, reducing in intensity it is true, as it reached the West, but still a wondrous sight to help open my still blurry eyes.

I stood on the deck for a short while - the temperature was 28 degrees - admiring it. The cause of the exhibition was the light cloud cover. And the fact that the clouds were arranged neatly in rows, so the pink fluffy clouds just went on and on, around and around, completely encircling me in their show. A pageant fit for a King, but enjoyed, I felt, only by me. My own private showing.

How could I ever think such a thing, when it was so public?

Fifteen minutes later, after I had opened the chickens, fed the cats and got the fire going, it was over. That may be one reason it is so special, because it is so short, unlike the sunsets that often last for an hour.

But it wasn't over, not really, not yet. Because although the colors had gone from the sky, the Sun was now high enough to hit the tops of the trees on the other side of The Lake - one of my favorite times of the day - they seemed to explode in fire, igniting as the rays moved over them. Is God a pyromaniac I wondered? The ice on The Lake was clothed in pink. Have you ever seen pink ice? Not like the ice on My Lake you haven't, come over sometime to see it. Let me know you are coming first, and I'll put the coffee on. If you dress warmly enough we can sit on the deck and watch. Close together, for warmth - if you are the right sex and the right person. Unfortunately Julia does not surface early enough to enjoy all this. (So we should be safe!)

There, as Julia would say, "Sex raises it's ugly head again." or as a master at my school once said to me in class, when I was about 14 or 15. "Mind in the rut again, Liddle?"

Well it time to take Julia her morning tea. Bye.

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  1. Good Morning David...I had left a comment the other day for you, but I see now that it has not been posted. What did I do wrong? I was just telling you how much I enjoy your posts and that you are not alone here :).I am one of the Americans that does not enjoy reading about politics here...I come here to relax and enjoy your insight on the goings on at your beautiful paradise!! That is why we love you....keep up the works for all of us as you have a following that you are unaware of. Love, Karen


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