Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is Julia's birthday, she is - HA got you didn't I? I cannot give away any secrets, except to say that she is 39. At least that is what she looks like.
We awoke to a wet day, it had been raining all night and the post holes for the new deck were all full of water and mud. It will take some work to prepare them for use when the workers return. It is supposed to rain through to tomorrow night (Wednesday). As the dutifull husband that I am, I brought Julia her usual cup of tea in bed, a birthday card and made breakfast for us both. We looked out at the Lake through the rain and observed - five Great Blue Herons fishing just yards from our bedroom windows, we watched one catch two fish in a row, after a short while they all flew off, but a few minutes later returned and this time there were six! The Ospreys were also busy, there are usually between four and six of these magnificent birds fishing right before us, today was no exception and we watched one catch a fairly big fish right in front of us and carry it to a nearby tree to eat it. Also on the Lake, further out, were the Cormorants, today there were the usual 30 or 40 birds seemingly drifting along with only their heads and necks out of the water, all facing the same way, and looking like a flotilla of half sumerged submarines. They are fascinating to watch as one will suddenly dive followed by another and then another and suddenly all or almost all are gone, then their heads start to pop up one by one. They are able to stay down for about 30 seconds and appently are swimming that whole time because they will reapear sometimes hundreds of feet away from where they went down. There must be an enormous number of fish in the Lake with all these birds continuously catching them. If the numbers of fish are diminished I suppose the birds will leave, at least until they are replenished. Julia saw two beautiful white Egrets arrive a few days ago, I have only seen one and there was one out there this morning along with the Herons. I wonder where the second Egret is, maybe on a nest? There should be a plethora of babies on the Lake soon, what does a baby Heron look like? And a baby Egret? And ducks, Cormorants, Ospreys, maybe even Bald Eagles, we have seen two Bald Eagles here from time to time. I suspect that it must have been the Eagle that landed the two big Carp that I saw on my lawn. One was 23 inches and one 26 inches long, I can't imagine anything except an Eagle strong enough to land huge fish like that!
Gotta go. If anyone is seeing any of my postings will they let me know please? so far I have had no response at all, so I don't know if anyone is seeing any of them. Just click on the "Comments" and leave a comment. It won't hurt you, I promise! Thank you. David the Silver Fox. (Thats what the guys at work used to call me!)


  1. You should install a blog statistics counter, so you can see people even if they don't leave a comment. For instance, go to www.blogpatrol.com and sign up. They'll give you some html which you can just copy and paste into a widget in your sidebar(they give you instructions), and then you can spy on people who are spying on you! lol


  2. Didn't want you to think that nobody was reading your blog. I read it with interest whenever I can get to the computer!
    love Julia

  3. I didn't realise you had a blog! Now I will read it and make sure you are all behaving yourself across the pond! Have you seen the latest photos of Iris on Facebook yet??
    Lucy x


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