Monday, April 13, 2009

Make it happen.

Some people Make things happen, some people Watch things happen, some people Wonder What happened!

Which are you?

Make things happen. Make them Good things, not Bad things, it's easy to do Bad things , harder to do Good things.

Do something Good and tell me about it, tell the world about it, I'll help you tell the world, well at least my little piece of the world, we'll put it on my Blog and you'll be famous - at least for 15 minutes!

So get to it, do something hard (and Good.) I want to hear about it, before the end of the week - it's Tuesday now. Lets see how many Good things we can make happen by the end of this week.

David the Silver Fox.


  1. Hi David, Im enjoying your posting on your silver fox blog site.
    I believe I know your wife through UK Drake genealogy,

    Roy in Sydney,

  2. I am making "it" happen! I have a part time job book keeping, a part time massage business, four children ( two of which are teenagers), and now I have TWO possible 20 + hours a week part time jobs I may be offered doing massage! I am making so much happen I can't sleep from all the worry and stress! I need more hours in the day, at least two of me and a whole lot more energy!

  3. Hi's Karen and since you are begging
    I will make a comment :) just kidding, I've been enjoying & catching up with your entries today, hadn't been on your site since Julia's Birthday. I have experienced the same things you are seeing now when Dave & I
    lived on the island.I would get up early every
    weekend and go down to the pier to crab and
    take in all of the events in nature that day.
    I thought it was so exciting and I've enjoyed hearing about it again from you. We are all out
    here waiting for your next adventure. Take care.


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