Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morning has risen.

Summer must be coming, the sun is coming up a little earlier each day. I hate to miss it, so I have to get up a little earlier each day, unfortunately I don't always manage that. Probably because I am getting to bed late - but if I go to bed too early I can't get to sleep. Problems, well don't let me bore you with my problems. The biggest problem I have so far is that no one seems to be viiting my Blog, you would think that at least one person would have stumbled on it by now while 'surfing' but no, as far as I can tell no one has found my litle Blog. One day, one exciting day I will find a Comment on one of my posts that says someone other than myself has made a comment. (I made a couple of comments myself just to see if the comment part was working - it is.)
Back to Morning Over the Lake, as we are facing west we don't actually see the Sun rising over the western horizon. But we do see the results of that sun rising on the Lake, and those results are AWESOME to say the least. As the sun comes up it eventually gets high enough - probably only a few minutes after it gets above the horizon - for it's rays to reach accross the Lake and hit the trees and grasses on the far shore. Most mornings this early morning light is the most fantastic etherial gold color. I love to watch it, the colors change almost magically by the minute, or even by the second, I try not to take my eyes off of it for too long. I make my coffee almost by touch so I don't miss too much of this heavenly display. As the sun moves higher and higher in the sky those first delicate colors condense into bright daylight. By now the birds are awake and active. Today the male Swan is gliding over the almost mirror like Lake as he guards his nesting partner and keeps any intruders at bay. The great Blue Herons , yes Herons, there are several around already, are flying all over the Lake looking no doubt for the best fishing spots. They fly so low, you wonder how they can do it without their wings hitting the water, their shape fascinates me, it is so varied, if you didn't know that it was the same bird you'd never guess it if you could see one flying and one standing. Sometimes they stand straight and tall and sometimes they skrunch themselves down low and look like a hunchback. But it is flying when they look almost as if they are from a different time and place. When you watch them flying you can imagine what the Pteradactyls must have looked like during prehistoric times. I feel privileged to watch them. As the morning progresses the water starts to move, almost as if it too is waking up, soon there are all kinds of patterns over it's surface, but even though there may be small wavelets there can be smooth areas right next to the rough area, such variety, how it can be I don't know. I can only enjoy and delight in it.
I have to go and watch some more. Bye.

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  1. Well, what is this world coming to. My previous comment must be out there in Cyberspace. While you were working you were called The Silver Fox, and I was known as The British Bulldog. We are having GLORIOUS weather (in the high 80's), so SPRING IS HERE !!!!


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