Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another comment on the Tax Farce in America.

Just a couple of quick facts : -

The average American pays 30% of his/her income in taxes.

OK, the average American in the "bottom" 99% of earners.

The "top" 1% of Americans pay about HALF of that! Or 15%. We just heard today that Mitt Romney, one of the "top" 1% with an income in the $20 million plus area paid 13.9% last year!

Now I don't know how that makes YOU feel, but it makes me feel VERY frustrated. If you are a Republican apparently you not only AGREE with that but you want those very rich, very wealthy 1% to pay even LESS!!! Some Republicans are calling for the rich to pay NO tax! I guess they would be the 1%?

So lets get this straight, if you work and EARN your money you pay 30% tax. If you don't work and get UNEARNED income, you pay 15% tax. Now I may be missing something here but it seems to me that it should be the other way around. Surely if you WORK you should get a better tax break than if you DON'T work, and instead just sit back and collect money for doing nothing. Tell me how does that help the country?

Just asking.

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