Thursday, January 26, 2012

More "Interesting" figures.

Mitt Romney's income in 2011 was $22 Million dollars.

That doesn't mean much to most of us, but what MAY be of interest to you is that if you worked, and earned $60,000 in 2011, a figure way above what the average American earns - you made WORKING, less than Romney made NOT WORKING, in ONE DAY!!

Did you get that? He makes more than $60,000 A DAY, NOT WORKING. (The median Americans income is $26,000.)

Now if you WORKED and EARNED $60,000 you will pay about 30% of those earnings in taxes. Mr Romney made (not earned) $22 Million NOT WORKING, and paid, are you ready for this? 13.9% in taxes!!!!

So if you are rich and wealthy, you pay a tax rate LESS THAN HALF of what the average WORKING American pays!!!

What is wrong with this picture? Why are we happy with this? Why do Republicans want the rich and wealthy to pay LESS taxes? Yes that's right they are fighting tooth and nail to have the "top" 1% of Americans pay even LESS tax!!

And yet 50% of Americans vote Republican! Why would ANYONE vote for that kind of abuse? There is no interest from ANY Republicans to do anything other than cut the taxes of the rich. Other than trying to CUT Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to the poor and the middle classes.

It seems to me, but what do I know? that everyone should pay AT LEAST the same tax rates. In fact I would think that it would be fair for the tax`rate on UNEARNED INCOME to be higher than the tax rate on EARNED income, wouldn't you?

I mean wouldn't that make perfect sense? If you sit and do nothing and the money comes rolling in, or you go out and work for your money, who should pay the higher rate? It is just common sense that the person who is making no contribution to the well being of the country - just sitting doing nothing - should pay a higher rate.

But that is not the way that it is. The rich pay less! Please explain that to me. Could it possibly be that the rich and the wealthy OWN Congress, the very bunch who pass laws that say "The rich shall pay less tax." Is it possible that they, Congress, are Bribed to pass such laws?

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