Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leaping Clams?

I went down to my pier yesterday and there were about 40 broken clam shells laying on it. Maybe a year ago I watched a Gull dropping something that turned out to be a clam, onto the pier. It then picked it up again, flew up into the air and dropped it back onto the pier.

I have been very busy lately so had not seen this happening again although Julia, who spends time on her couch in the bedroom reading, has observed it.

Judging by the number of empty Clam shells on the pier, there must be a lot of that going on. There must also be a lot of Clams in The Lake.

Anyway, as I said to Julia, the Clams spend their lives buried in the sand at the bottom of The Lake, so how do the Sea Gulls get a hold of them? That is the question. In order to extract the Clams from their home under the sand the Gulls would have to dive down under the water and dig into the sand. It is true that the water around the pier is not very deep, often six to 12 inches, but I have trouble imagining a Sea Gull diving under water even that shallow. And how would they know where to dig? Perhaps they see "Air" coming up from where the Clam is?

I have watched to find the secret, but am unable to even see the Gulls dropping the Clams, let alone digging for them!

My only answer is that there may be a new breed of Leaping Clams. They launch themselves into the air, and the Sea Gulls snatch them out of the air!

Yes that must be the answer.

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