Friday, January 27, 2012

Crazy Weather.

When I woke up at 6.00 o'clock this morning it was already 57 degrees! Hello, is this JANUARY?

The Wild Ones don't know what to do - the animals that is, the Canada Geese never left this year, we have a flock of perhaps 50 that just stayed with us!

The two Swans are still here, even though they went away for about a month from mid December to mid January. Vacation perhaps? And the male has started his annual, "Chase everything larger than a blackbird away from our nesting area" campaign, already. There is no way that starts before they are ready to set up nest and the female sits on her eggs in the spring - which is still a couple of months off.

I am still picking Roses! The bulbs are coming up! The Lawn is still green!

Is this The New January?

Meanwhile I am hearing that Texas - the driest one or two years ever - was almost washed away by rains yesterday, and there have been more Tornados in January all over, but not here, yet! Last year we had a Tornado, an Earthquake, a Hurricane and Floods, all within the space of one week! I sure hope that does not become The Norm! We escaped that week with minimal damage right here, but I would hate to have to endure that week over and over!

Well, onward we go, and I go back to work today , gotta go.

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