Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Morning Grey Day.

Yes it is a grey day here today. (Or should that be gray? When does one use Grey and when Gray, or are they totally interchangeable?) The Lake is very wet looking! In fact it has started to rain.
An update on the Birds of the Lake. The two Canada Geese continue to be highly visible, the big male Swan continues to chase them off almost continually. The Osprey are conspicuous by their absence. The egret(s) are still here, I am actually only seeing one but as there were two initially I am going to assume that the female is sitting on the nest somewhere. The ducks are here, but not as many as I have often seen, the Swan also chases them off, so maybe that is the reason. I expect things will return more to normal once the swan cygnets are born. I know where the Swans nest is now and if the rain stops Bradley and I could row down there to see it. Larry came today with the railings for the deck and they are installing them in the rain! Well the rain is welcomed by the garden anyway, the lawn, trees, bushes seeds and everything else will be happy to see it.
Time for breakfast. Bye. David.

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