Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whirled Peas!

With our new President making such a positive impression on Countries and Leaders around the World it seems to me that the time may be right to take advantage of this new found friendship and idealism for him to invite Representatives of every Country in the entire World to meet and try to work out some form of co-operation in at least a few of the problems common to the whole World. He could make some suggestions for discussion, such as Climate Change, Pollution, Energy Use, Etc, and invite the other Countries to make suggestions. Maybe a committee of a few representatives from each Continent could meet to select a list of things to discuss. Each Country could be invited to submit say 5 topics to be considered. Obviously only a limited number of topics could be discussed, there simply would not be enough time to discuss every subject put forward by every Country, but a number - say 20 or 50 - could be selected by the selection committee. (Surely many Countries would have the same choices.) So that there was at least a chance for every idea to be chosen, all of the subjects not chosen by the committee could be put in a barrel and 10 more pulled out at random - in front of witnesses - on TV. These 10 could then be added to the subjects already selected.
In this way every Country could join in with their ideas to solve or improve the Worlds problems. This would not mean that any ideas hammered out had to be put into effect, just that countries come together and pool their best ideas.
Some ideas may be so obvious or so good that they could be implemented right away by some people. Some countries might want to implement some of the ideas to solve their individual problems or combine and solve each others problems by working together. May be one country has something to dispose of and another country is looking for it. (A real simple example, I had 20 bags of cement that got wet and I needed to get rid of, how to get rid of 20 bags of cement? Take and put them in someones dumpster? I told everyone that I saw and lo and behold a neighbor had a hole that they needed to fill in. Two problems solved at once!) (One person has a huge pile of leaves he wants to get rid of, someone else wants something to make compost with for their garden. Instead of a trip to the dump for one person and a trip to get compost material for someone else, the two are combined and two problems solved.) Small examples of what can happen if we talk to each other. There is no reason this shouldn't happen on a global scale- if we would only talk to each other. Any success would get World Wide attention and encourage even more co-operation.

Just an idea from a simple man with Liberal ideas who thinks that simple ideas like Co-operation and Tolerance could go a long way to making this world a better place to live in, even if it were practised unilaterally. Good often rubs off on the people around you - ever noticed how you tend to go out of your way to see the girl or the guy who always smiles at you and says something nice and try to avoid the one who is always sulking and complaining?

Love from David.XXX

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