Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Eagle has landed . .

. . . a Carp! Yes you read it right, the Bald Headed Eagle that occasionally graces us with it's presence landed a Carp, a big one. I checked it out after he had finished eating and it was 26 inches long. There did not seem to be much point in weighing it because some of the fish was gone - including "The good bits", - ask the Eagle what the good bits were! It is amazing that a bird was able to catch a huge fish like that, drag it struggling, I'm sure it struggled, up out of the water, and carry it to land. Onto my lawn to be precise, where it "had its way with it". When he had finished, an Osprey had a go at it, and then the Buzzards moved in to finish off the remains. Whatever was left disappeared overnight. I later located the remains - by smell - they had been dragged under my shed, presumably by a Raccoon or a Possum. A perfect example of the drama of "The Circle of Life." right here in my own backyard.

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  1. Yes, Spring has sprung. The quail families are out and about here, busy crossing the road, the rabbits are in abundance....especially on my front lawn, and the ducks should be visiting any day now.

    Live is wonderful...............Janet


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