Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Greatest Show

Yes it's a great Show on The Lake again this morning, the blue sky and the white clouds and the peach and pink colors of the sunrise are all reflected in the not quite perfectly still water. There are some small ripples ruffling the surface.
But the Greatest Show was last night, we had the most fantastic lightening show I think I have ever seen in my life - and I am 67 years old (I know, I know, I don't look it do I?) - I watched sheets of lightening lighting up the sky over and over again. There were some 'lines' of light going from clouds to ground, or ground to clouds, whichever way it is they go, some of which were huge, but mostly it was sheets. There were even some lines of light that went horizontally. The really eerie thing about the show was - there was no sound! We never heard even a slight rumble, it was just light, like a TV show with the sound turned off. I watched for more than an hour before I fell asleep.

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