Monday, April 27, 2009

Today dawned bright and clear.

I woke late today, it was past 6.00 and the sun was already up. The Lake was bathed in it's bright light and there were four ducks splashing and paddling around right in front of us. Most of the larger birds seem to have gone, I haven't seen an Osprey in a week or two and it's been at least a week since the last Great Blue Heron graced our pier or the waters around it. Where do they go? The Cormorants also seem to have abandoned us, I miss their little heads and necks moving around the Lake disappearing as they dive and reappearing 20 to 30 seconds later. Much nicer than the pop ups we get on our computers! I was concerned when there were so many of them that they would eat all of 'our' fish. But it would appear they know how it works better than we do. I was especially intrigued the way that a flock of them swimming on the Lake would usually all be facing the same way and would often almost all dive together, and the way at least one would stay up - a look out? Well at least the ducks are still here, and I did see one of the pair of Egrets yesterday. And of course the big male Swan is still patrolling. I must do some research and try to find out where the birds go, when the baby Swans will appear and a host of other things that I would like to know. Julia just wants to know when those baby Cygnets are going to be here.

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