Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't forget.

Don't Forget : - All of the chemicals that we use in our everyday lives in this area end up in Our Rivers, Our Bay or Our Groundwater. Everything! All of it! Especially all of us who live near the Bay and have septic systems or drain fields. All of you who live in the towns and cities that have sewage treatment plants, please remember that 2/3 of all the chemicals that go into that treatment plant come right out the other side! And the chemical industry is creating hundreds of new chemicals every year - there is no way that the EPA (EPA stands for Encouraging Pollution Agency) can test more than a few of these chemicals. Guess where those chemicals go when they come out of the "treatment" plant - right into our drinking water. After you use it again, putting into it all the chemicals of our 'modern' society, like toothpaste, bleach, bathroom cleaners, dishwasher powder, washing machine soap, Tylenol, toilet bowl cleaners, prescription medicines (All that stuff goes through you and goes into our water when it comes out of you) and thousands of the other chemicals that we put into our water every day, it goes through the "treatment plant " again and the cycle repeats itself, with more of that nasty stuff in your water each time!. You didn't think that they just disappeared did you? No, every time the water is used - and it is used over and over again, it gets another dose of those miracle chemicals that our wonderful society and our wonderful chemical manufacturers tell us we need thousands of times a day, in all the TV, radio, billboard and print ads that we see everywhere. (And we pay for - for every ad that is run WE pay for it! In the form of higher costs for the product!) Unfortunately the only thing that I can see to help ourselves is to try to limit the chemicals that we use. If we use 1/2 of the amount, we have half of those pollutants going into our (And our children's and grandchildren's) drinking water. Stands to reason, if you less of the nasty stuff, that's less of the nasty stuff that you have to ingest! Easy! No brainer! So, I use a quarter inch of toothpaste instead of 1 inch, half the dishwasher powder - try it, I don't see any difference, same with washing machine soap, etc, etc, etc, try to use 1/2 of everything, some things you don't need to use any of. Just use that universal old fashioned cleaner called - elbow grease, you'll feel healthier for it, as well as breathe easier, and drink cleaner water. Be happy, be less stressed, be less polluted, drink less chemicals, drink cleaner water. Be good. Love David XXX

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