Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reflections . . .

. . . . in The Lake, or is it on The Lake? Whatever, or Whichever, there it is, or they are. All over it. Perfect reflections, the reflections in my mirror aren't any more perfect. On the right side of The Lake is the reflection of my neighbors pier with his two white Adirondack chairs carefully placed on the end. If I look out again in a short while there's a good chance that I'll see my neighbor Bill sitting there, holding his coffee and possibly with his wife Janice sitting next to him. Right now without them the whole scene is repeated upside down in The Lake. I'm hoping that they arrive soon, while it is still too calm to believe because I want to see what they look like upside down, in pink, yep, in pink. Not only is the water completely still and unruffled it is pink, from the colors of the sunrise, there are no clouds either so the pink is not even interrupted by different colors as it often is. No it is a perfect sheet of pink. Soon, very soon, the ripples will appear and the scene will be lost. No, not lost, changed. Even now it is changing, no, not with ripples, except right in the center, where the big white male Swan is gliding across in a perfectly straight line. Where is he headed? I think I see, on the other side of the Lake are two Canada Geese. He is about to chase them off. This is a scene that is repeated over and over on a daily basis. We assume that the Swan has a nest, we don't know where yet, and he cannot stand having any big birds anywhere near it. Near it must mean anywhere on the Lake which is quite large at 40 or 50 acres, because he chases them off wherever they are. He must have already scared off the pair of Egrets that arrived at The Lake about two weeks ago, because we haven't seen them in several days, and there are hardly any Ducks left. But the Canada Geese persist and the reason for this is quite obvious to us, but not to the Swan. One of the Geese has a badly damaged leg, when they are on land he/she has to hop around with the afflicted leg bent up under it. They come up onto the lawn fairly often to eat the grass - sometimes I wonder if I will need to mow the lawn this year! - and of course they are quite safe from the Swan on the land as I have never seen the big bully come up onto the land. But it would seem that the two Geese are trapped here. Maybe the one with the injured leg cannot fly either, I've never seen them fly, and they say that these geese mate for life. As all the other Canada geese have long gone and these are the only two remaining we are thinking that the bad one cannot fly and it's spouse is staying with it. How touching is that?
Well the sun has done it's work, the ripples are appearing all over the Lake, Bill and Janice didn't come out with their early morning coffee today, but they will another day.

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  1. Bill and Janice appeared a little later to enjoy the morning. I have seen the injured goose fly, but he/she probably would not survive a long journey....
    Just another thought...if you have a deaf or selectively deaf spouse, a blog would be a good way to communicate!
    Nothing Julia


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