Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning has risen.

Last night we had another wonderful sunset, it is a pity we only get 365 of them a year. I try not to miss any of them. If I am out I try to get back in time to not miss it. This morning, if possible, the sunrise was even better. You may wonder how I can see both the sunset and the sunrise over The Lake. Well the sunrise is not actually over The Lake, but the effects are clearly there. The sun hits the trees on the other side of the Lake as it rises and makes a gradually widening and lengthening band as it rises higher. The effect is gradual but fast, the changes are much faster than the sunset, and if you avert your eyes for even a minute or two you can miss amazing things. This morning the smoothness of the Lake was blotched with a series of what appeared to be previously undiscovered Islands but which were in fact Islands of tree pollen floating on the Lake. Many of the trees must have dumped huge amounts of pollen over night, because I had not seen it before. Soon the Lake's surface began to form ripples and it was not long before the whole Lake was covered with small waves. This broke up the pollen and the "Islands" disappeared. Now the whole Lake is bright with sunshine - almost as bright as Julia's smile. Time to get coffee and the paper. David

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