Monday, April 20, 2009

Would you like to reduce the price of oil?

The reduced use of gas - mostly by the US has caused oil prices to drop from $140 a barrel to $50 a barrel. If we were to reduce our use even further oil prices should drop even further. We can do this easily with minimal inconvenience to us. If we were prepared to put up with a just a little inconvenience or discomfort we could cut our oil use - and therefore our oil prices - even further.
Here are a few ideas on ways to reduce our oil use : -
Shut off engines when stopped. Leaving the engine running when you are stopped is probably the biggest waste of gas. I often see people sitting in their cars waiting for the kids from school, or for someone in the store, with their engine running. An SUV left idling uses approximately a gallon of gas every half hour. (That's 12oz - a coke can full - every 6 minutes!) It uses less gas to stop and restart a vehicle if it is going to be stopped for more than 30 seconds. (I even saw a report once that said more than 10 seconds! But I am sticking with 30 seconds.)
I know people who could cut their gas use in half or more this way. My neighbor leaves her big Pick Up Truck running for a half hour every morning before leaving for work - to warm up in winter and cool down in summer. When she stops at the 7-11 for her coffee she leaves it running - to keep it warm, or cool. Her drive to work is only 20 minutes, so she uses more gas at idle than driving!
A vehicle at idle uses about the same amount of gas as a vehicle idling along at 30 mph.
Drive steadily, no fast starts or stops. Don't ride the brake.
Don't overfill the gas tank, trying to get the pump up to the next dollar. If the tank is too full, when the gas expands in the sun and it will expand right out of the filler tube and onto the road while you are diving - you won't even see it going!
Keep tires properly inflated.
Obvious one here - use your most gas economical car more. Even better get one that uses even less gas.
Another biggie, some people have two or even three SUV's that seat 6 to 12 people. At least 90% of the SUV's I see have only one person in them. Common sense (In short supply.) says if you have a big family and need a big vehicle, fine, but why not get a small car with 4 or 5 seats, so you can use the small vehicle the 90% or more of the time that you are only carrying 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 people and use less than half the gas that it takes to run the SUV.
Every gallon that we save puts the squeeze on the oil producing countries that hate us - and lowers oil prices.
Keep your home temperature higher in the summer, 78 degrees instead of 68 degrees uses about half of the electricity (and therefore half the oil) I find 78 to be perfectly comfortable, just wear less clothes, it helps you to remember that it is summer too - keeps you in touch with the seasons. In the winter keep it at 68, or even 66, instead of 75. Again save about half. Dress warmly, it's winter, a sweater is appropriate. Keep the bedrooms even cooler, in winter you are only in there at night and it's warm in bed, throw on an extra blanket.
Use a solar dryer - otherwise known as a clothes line! I compromise and use the clothes line for heavy items like Jeans, sweaters, coats, blankets and use the dryer for small things like socks, shirts and underwear. It only takes a few minutes to hang up the few big items, but it saves most of the electricity (Oil). Just remember any power that we save cuts down on oil use, not to mention cutting down on pollution and keeping dollars in your pocket , instead of sending them to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Russia - the big oil producing Countries.
Lights - turn off when not needed.
Do you want to go even further? Ask me to send you my "Book" entitled "Half" which tells you how we did, and you can, cut your spending in half! (It works best if you are just starting out.)
Here's the biggest one of all.
Have less children - means less cars, less pollution, less oil use = lower oil prices. A new report says that more than half of all pregnancies in the US are unintended! So if only wanted/intended children were born, imagine the price of oil! We'd eventually cut oil use in half right there. Imagine all the extra parking places! And the uncrowded roads! And only wanted children, instead of all those children who were unwanted.
Well, enough of that pipe dream. But I really think we could cut our oil use and thus it's price considerably and keep a lot of our dollars here in the US instead of sending them to people who don't like us.

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