Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The early morning mist.

This morning there is a heavy morning mist on the Lake on the other side this side there is none. In fact just like yesterday at this time the water is perfectly still, as still as I have ever seen it. The reflections of the trees are so perfect I think that I can see the leaves - or maybe I imagine I can. The mist is clearing already. If I had got up a half hour later I would not have know it had been there. As with yesterday the colors reflected in the water are many, but today they are the same colors as the sky, the pink of the sunrise and the blue of the sky, plus of course the colors of the clouds, whatever that is, it's hard to say what with the sky changing color all the time! The remains of the mist have retreated to a small area to the right far side of the Lake now and it looks like a new Island over there. A piece of wood is floating about 100 feet off of the pier, it looks to be about 10 feet lond and thin, possibly a branch or maybe a 2X4, if it were later in the year I would swim out and retrieve it, but April is still too cold for me to be swimming.
Well I gotta go, I have a Doctors appontment to have some blood taken. I had one last week but was so busy watching the Lake that I forgot and made ny coffee and drank it before I remembered the appointment, so they had to reschedule it as you are not allowed to have anything before blood work. So, just time for a s--t, shower and a shave and another look at the Lake before I leave.
Talk to you later, Love David.


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