Thursday, April 23, 2009

A special Birthday breakfast, and card game, and dinner.

Yesterday, Wednesday, brought forth a birthday invitation for Julia, - and myself because I don't let any opportunities pass me by if I can possibly help it - for a birthday lunch, from our friends Jane & Bill Weber. Even more than this, when Julia was talking to Jane about the arrangements Julia explained that I would be going to the Doctors for some blood tests between 8.00 and 9.00 am, and could not have anything to eat first. Jane said well come over for breakfast straight from the Doctors. So began a delightful Wednesday. As usual with us, we were late getting there, I am sure that it has never happened to you, but sometimes I have to wait for my Doctor! So as it was past 10.00 o'clock already and Lunch time was fast approaching we all decided on a small breakfast of toast and coffee. Well of course the toast had to have butter and marmalade (British Marmalade from Fortnum And Masons yet!) And Jane decided that a cup of Yogurt each would go down well, they arrived loaded with raspberries and then some bowls of walnuts and sunflower seeds to put on it. And don't forget the fresh brewed coffee. I think it was a plot to beat us at cards which we played a few hands of after the sumptious breakfast. But if it was a plan, it backfired, because Julia won the card game and I came in a distant second - which doesn't say much for Jane and Bill's positions in the standings. Then again maybe it wasn't a plan to beat us. I think they may have let us win because we were their guests.
Dinner was at an Italian Restaurant in Severna Park called the Cafe Mezzanotte, and we had a wonderful lunch there. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. The food and service were both excellent and I reccomend it. After lunch we sat for an hour or two and completely solved the worlds problems, so don't worry, the World's wars and economic problems and worries are all behinds us now - if our plans can only be put into effect.
Jane had an appointment so we reluctantly had to leave and return home.
At home Larry and his new helper Mark had worked through the rain and got more of the deck completed.
In the evening we watched a DVD entitled 'Portrait of a Marriage', and went to bed at about midnight.


  1. It is nice to know that a good time was had by all in the celebration of Julia's birth! It is true that the conversation was fun and solved myriad problems; the food was delicious; Julia won at cards with the Silver Fox coming in at second. It could also be true that Jane would allow her guests the opportunity of winning - she is a nice person. But Bill is much too competitive to engage in such a civilized endeavor! If you don't believe this, just ask him.

  2. OK, Bill, I'm asking - would you ever allow any one to win? If so what would the circumstances be?

  3. Yes, but it would take more than waterboarding.

  4. Don't forget to use your name when you post to Anonymous, otherwise I won't know who you are Bill! Or you can click on Google Account instaed of Anonymous and then I will know who you are Bill.


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