Sunday, May 3, 2009

Going Around in Circles.

The Ducks that is! Looking out the window this rainy morning I see a bunch of Ducks in the water just outside of our windows who are literally "Swimming around in Circles!" Why is that I wonder? I don't have an answer, do you? Maybe they are more like us than we realize!

Just a thought, David.


  1. Ducks are weird. The ones aroubd here just sither sit in the middle of the street or walk right down there. Oh The Mouse Trap. Saw that in a very snall Theatre off The Strand many, many, MANY years ago. Sorry you have rain today, the sun is bright aand the sky is clear here, and the temperature is supposed to be about 89 today. I will enjoy it. Have a great day............Janet

  2. Hello fishermen! Come visit.

  3. Ducks aren't what they're quacked up to be. They go in circles when they get stuck in the eddy (a water tornado). The go clockwise here, but in Australia ....
    Cheerio,old chap.


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