Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, surely you are not going to critisize guns are you?
Am I?
Well, I just saw this story that said that over 250 CHILDREN have been shot in Chicago this year. That is just children and just Chicago and just this year!!!
Tell me again why it is so important for there to be so many guns?
And why do children have to have them?
I know "Guns don't kill people, people kill people," and all that BS! But it would be a heck of a lot harder to kill people if there wern't so many guns. It would be especially hard for kids to kill other kids without a gun to do it. I know, I know, it's our right. What does it matter if a few kids die, as long as we can have our guns?


  1. I concur! Jack isn't even allowed to bring toy guns into the house! Lucy

  2. I agree! Jack isn't even allowed to bring toy guns into the house, or toy knives. It may sound harsh, but I just don't feel I can refer to them as 'fun' or something to play with. Jack doesn't mind a bit, and with rising knife & gun crime in the UK I think it's time for peace & love! Lucy x

  3. I think that everyone should recieve a firearm along with their bordering pass. Fifty percent should be loaded with live rounds and the other fifty percent with blanks. Any potential hijacker/terrorist would only have a 50% chance of shooting anyone but a 100% chance of being on the wrong end of the loaded barrels. This would lessen the burden on the TSA and passengers. Happy traveling!


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