Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yep, it rained again today, I think that is either the 10th or 11th straight day with rain. Did the Earth turn on it's axis? Have we changed positions with the UK? We just had someone here from the UK, she said that the weather in the UK has been great this year, day after day of sun, and it has rained every day since she has been here (for a week and a half.) She goes back in a week and says she can't wait to get back to warm days and sunshine!
Something is wrong somewhere, Global Cooling, Global Warming, Global Repositioning?

Confused Dave

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  1. This is your meteoroligist in the area of Chelsea, London. The sky is blue with some cumulous clouds and not a drop of rain. The temperature and humidity are perfect for humans habitating outdoors. Tomorrow, the missus & I head down to Bath (which sounds like it should rain). However, remember the immoral (I meant immortal) lines of Audrey Hepburn: "The rain in Spain falls mainly in Pasadena."
    Cheerio, old chap.
    In hope that Julia and Sarah had a Happy Mother's Day!


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