Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain rain PLEASE go away!

It is STILL raining here, and it is forecast to continue all week! My grandson Bradley says it is going to continue for TWO weeks, I don't think I believe him, BUT I just checked the forecast and he MAY be right, it is indeed calling for very cloudy, rainy weather for the next 15 days!!!! Have we changed places on the globe with the UK? It is just unbelievable that could happen, it is very unusual for rain to continue for more than a day or two here. I need to get outside and clear up the mess out there from the winter. With Spring/Summer about to arrive I want to get rid of the dead things, a pile of dead branches by my outside fire pit, building materials for the deck, the lawn needs mowing - the grass is as high as a miniature elephants legs. A clear up is definitely needed of all the winter debris. Well time to get out the raingear I suppose, being a Brit I should be able to handle working in the rain. As I used to say to my employees when they didn't want to work in the rain, "You're not made of sugar, it won't dissolve you, get on with it. If we didn't work in the rain in the UK we would never have worked!"
So I gotta go and work in the rain now I guess.

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