Saturday, May 9, 2009

When a man is tired of London - - -

Yesterday, I gave a description of 24 hours weather on the Lake. Today I would like to tell you why "When a man is tired of The Lake he is tired of life." This time I will tell you about the wildlife - and I don't mean parties! I saw Harry The Heron on our pier with a HUGE fish in his beak. I mean it was huge, I don't know how he was even holding it and there was obviously no way that he was going to be able to eat it. After a while he took off, the fish was so heavy that he could hardly fly, just barely keeping himself above the water. He landed a couple of hundred feet away in the shallow water and stood there for a while. And stood, and stood. I was watching with another man and we disscussed what was going on in his mind. First, it was very apparent to us that he would be unable to swallow such a huge fish, we decided that having caught it he was reluctant to let it go, maybe he was waiting for it to die when he would TRY to eat it. Eventually he did try, and tried and tried, and then Wow, he swallowed it, he really did, we could see it in his throat, his whole throat was bulging out, he just stood there looking real stupid and real funny with this huge throat. slowly it went down and then it was gone, he had swallowed the whole thing! We could not believe it even though we had seen it with our own eyes.
Next, there are the little Diver Ducks, the cutest little things. Then there are the Osprey, the Sea Gulls, the Canada Geese - who have just yesterday had three little babies! We saw them proudly watching three little balls of fluff bouncing around on the lawn. And of course don't forget the Swans, I guess we'll soon have little Goslings. Then there is the Alligator - no just kidding, no Alligators.
Untill tomorrow, David.

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  1. Hi Julia and David, I am still waiting for the ducks to come down the street, but perhaps I miss them in the morning.....they could be up and around before me (ha ! ha !)Anyway, the Quail are still in abundance, but the eggs don't seem to have hatched yet. As yet I have to see the swans on the lake in the college grounds at the bottom of the hill, but I am sure they will be there soon. Hope your rain has stopped....the sun is glorious here, in the mid 80's today......Take care, Janet


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