Sunday, May 3, 2009

My friends Bill & Jane are heading out today - -

Today, they leave Baltimore, City of Ravens and Orioles, and head first to Detroit, City of Industrial Ruins, then to Amsterdam, City of Bars - and other stuff, finally arriving in London, City of Everything. You name it, London has it, everything - Shopping, such as you have never seen anywhere else, try Harrods for any kind of food, I would bet they even have Elephant steaks. Afternoon Tea. Restaurants with every imaginable cuisine. Shows, the best, we saw The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, The Woman in Black and The Mouse Trap during a 4 day visit. Awesome Transportation - Big Red London Buses, London Taxis, The Underground. Truly as Samuel Johnson once said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life."
I am sure that William & Jane will have a wonderful time, I even wonder if they will want to return to us in Baltimore. Now there is something new for me to worry about! (I am the World's Champion Worrier.)



  1. Elephant is on the endangered list, so I very much doubt that Harrods would sell the meat. Now, Emus etc. would probably be there....
    love Julia
    P.S. No one should be eating meat anyway!

  2. Silverfox, it is midnight here in London. We arrived late this afternoon after touring the Netherlands (the home of my paternal grandmother, 'Oma'). It was great but it is also great to be here in London. You are right about the the greatness of the city, but the best 'sight' of all was William Gordon, now five weeks old. Such a handsome lad you have never seen! And he looks just like me -receeding hairline and a pot belly. He is smart, too! He looked at me and asked how the Silverfox wasa doing. It was disconcerting to here that he sounds like a Brit; I will have to do something about that. We can't have him grow up sounding like Benny Hill, can we? By the way, the weather here was most unusual today. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and there was not even a drop of rain - most unusual, indeed. Oh, and the barkeep at the local fish & chip pub was talking about you. I heard him ask someone where the Liddle troublemaker was. I told him that you weren't on this trip so he gave me your ales to drink and put them on your tab.
    It's time to turn in now. You still have some hours of daylight which I think just shows that the world might be round. Cheerio, old chap, from the Motherland, this is Old Man Bill signing off.


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