Saturday, May 9, 2009


This post may be disliked by some, but it is not intended as a criticism, more like an observation.
Terrorists are financed in large part by Americans and Europeans. Huh? Yes terrorists are financed by illegal drug production & sales and as the US probably buys more illegal drugs than anyone - terrorists are financed in large part by Americans, much of it by teenagers. The drug money buys weapons and pays the terrorists. This amounts to substantial financial support.
The same thing goes - to a greater or lesser extent - for anyone who uses oil! And by our unwillingness to be in any way inconvenienced in the slightest. That's all of us. That is because oil revenues support regimes that hate us, Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and to a lesser extent Russia. The only thing we can do to mitigate this danger is use less oil.
So when you decide to buy that bigger house or bigger car or make an unecessary trip or leave the engine running or turn the heat up or turn the A/C down, remember the extra gun or ammunition or bomb that extra oil revenue will buy the terrorist who has someone we love in their sights!
Yes, it's nasty, but think about it, it's also true isn't it? I'm not the nasty one here, just because I'm saying something you don't like - they are - and it IS in our power to cut them off from at least some of their revenue.

The now Unpopular Dave. (But think again about what I said, it is true, and it is possible for us to hit them where it can stop them, in their bank accounts.)

I Love You, David XXX


  1. According to a report several months ago, one of the results of high taxes is the deversion of money to the mob and the terrorists. How? Consider New York where cigarette taxes were raised such that a pack cost over $10. This was supposed to discourage smoking (but mainly to increase revenues). Both failed! It provided a black market for the mob and terrorists to get into the cigarette distribution business. Now the state revenues have decreased; the mob is richer; and terrorist get $$$ for the weapons of their choice. Don't you love the "law of unintended consequences!"

  2. There you go, what did I say, Cut down on oil use, and drug use - cigarettes are drugs, right? All this stuff that is bad for us, cut it out and it is bad for the bad guys!


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